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Velvet Poindexter

I grew up in Delaware and encountered mental health obstacles in my late teens that hindered my development. Despite numerous unsuccessful treatments by medical professionals, I found it hard to make any progress. To cope, I turned to painting on glass, later transitioning to canvas and wood to express my feelings and thoughts. Little did I know that this creative outlet would transform me into a dedicated artist eager to showcase my art to others.

Sand Art

Painting in sand opened up a new chapter in my life, and after a decade, I can proudly say that I am deeply passionate about it. Opting for sand as my medium stems from my belief that art should engage more than just our visual senses. I aimed for a profound and genuine connection where viewers could not only see but also feel my emotions. The texture of my art mirrors the depths of my psyche, while vibrant colors symbolize the hope that springs from overcoming challenges. Each artwork is a unique creation that captures a moment in time, impossible to replicate, much like the emotions it embodies.


My Goals

I have taken part in over ten gallery exhibitions so far, aiming to showcase my art in unconventional settings where neurodivergent and disabled individuals can appreciate the sensory elements of the paintings. Art is not only a significant aspect of my life but also a shared passion with my four children, making it a way of life for all of us!

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