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Credit: Adriana Dumphrey @wafflesarelegal

I was born and raised in Delaware.  When I was in my late teens, I faced mental health challenges that plagued my progress.  After years of failed medical efforts of doctors and therapists I still struggled to make positive gains. As a coping mechanism, I began painting on glass, then canvas, and eventually wood to channel my thoughts and emotions.  Never did I imagine that I would become a passionate artist that wanted to share my work with the world.


Painting in sand blossomed me into a whole new area of my life.  Now I am happy to state that I have been painting in sand for 10 years and I am very passionate about it.  I chose to use sand because I believe artwork should be experienced with more than just the eyes.  I desired a deeper and authentic connection where people could reach out and experience my emotions through touch.  The texture of my artwork reflects the levels of my psyche and the bright colors represent optimism from overcoming adversity.  Each painting is a unique one-of-a-kind piece that cannot be reproduced, just like the moments it was created in. 


To date I have participated in more than ten gallery shows with the goal of having my art featured in non-traditional settings where neurodivergent and disabled people can enjoy the sensory aspect of the paintings.  Art is not just a large part of my life, my four children also enjoy creating various pieces, therefore it is a way of life for us!  

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